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The Pilot Impacts Portal is a component of the Australian Natural Disasters Impacts Framework Project which is a national initiative to better understand the economic, social, and environmental impacts on communities due to natural disasters and fire emergencies. The project will improve the availability of relevant data for the purposes of:

  • informed discussion and decision making by governments and communities
  • policy development, planning and accountability for the emergency management sector

The main purpose of the Pilot Impacts Portal is to publish the sourced data into the Impacts Framework, including mechanisms for stakeholders to deliver, share, query and report data.

A listing of data items used within the Portal can be viewed here: Data Items Registry Listing.

The Australian Natural Disasters Impacts Framework Project is being managed by Fire & Rescue NSW, funded under the Natural Disaster Mitigation Program, through the NSW State Emergency Management Committee (SEMC), with 50% contribution from the Commonwealth of Australia and 50% from NSW. CSIRO are developing and hosting the Pilot Impacts Portal.

New users are encouraged to download and read the User's Guide. The Flyer provides a high level overview of the portal.

Change History

  • New database versions loaded: NEXIS and AGD Disasters Database
  • New database: ABS POstal Areas (POA)
  • New database: GA TOPO 250K (fences, pipelines, powerlines, railways)